Our Story

Home entertainment in India has come of age. AudioVision India has redefined every perception of luxury and lifestyle by emerging as India's premier exports in the experiential home entertainment space. The discerning professionals at AVI choose none but the finest and most respected brands from around the world, making it the most preferred one-stop destination for connoisseurs of ultimate home theatre technology and super high-end audio. Add to this, a sight and sound experience that's unlike any other.

Our state-of-the-art brands are technologically generations ahead of the rest. They turn a compact disc into a philharmonic orchestra and transport listeners to a live performance or the big screen experience of a movie. It's nothing short of a revolution the way our audio brands highlight strands of sound you missed before. All this transports the listeners to a mesmerizing world of sight, sound and beyond. AVI works closely with world-renowned designers and architects to custom design home theatres to exact specifications in homes, corporate offices or, indeed, in any space.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To establish AudioVision India as one of the world's top companies in the super luxurious experiential home entertainment space by constantly striving to redefine customers perception of high-end home entertainment.

Our Mission

AudioVision India is driven by an uncompromising passion to provide the most luxurious lifestyle home entertainment experience to music lovers, movie buffs and audiophiles by bringing the world's finest high-end audio and home theatre brands under one roof. This is achieved by setting new standards and creating a magical environment where customers feast their senses on a unique blend of soulful sound, mesmerising sights and beyond.

Burge Cooper

The first THX-certified consultant and pioneer in high-end audio in India, Burge Cooper is the driving force behind AVI. An audiophile whose passion for music forms the bedrock of AVI's reputation.

Munir Taher

With years of experience behind him and thorough knowledge of technology, Munir Taher co-ordinates AVI's local operations with the national distribution network. His helpful advice is sought by corporates and individual customers seeking a unique movie and music experience. Munir Taher is a THX-Certified consultant.