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Unlike almost any other company on this planet in pursuit of the perfect tone, ours is not run by engineers. Or marketing people. Or mutual funds. Audionet is the brain child of scientists.

Who first convened in a garage, of all places. Only it was the subterranean car park of famous German Bochum University. Where it was decided to attack all questions of high end musical reproduction at the deepest possible level. To see what cutting edge science cut come up with in terms of audible wonder. These same scientists are still running the company, after 20 years. And since they're scientists, they much prefer to leave the singing of praise to other professionals

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DNP (Digital Network Preamplifier)

The Audionet DNP is a high potential preamplifier that competes favorably with the world's best, including our own, all analog Audionet PRE G2. The Audionet DNP is capable of handling both coarse and fine dynamic with outstanding musical exactness and finesse while paying special attention to imaging as well as room correction.
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Pre G2 (Preamplifier)

The PRE G2, our uber-reference preamplifier, is simply the richest source of pure sound imaginable. With maximum resolution and total freedom from coloration, rough- and fine-dynamical precision and stunning spatial accentuation, the PRE G2 reproduces music in all its natural texture and abundance.

Compromise is a concept foreign to the PRE G2. Benefitting from the fruits of our cutting-edge research and development, the Audionet engineers devised and tested every detail with painstaking accuracy. The circuitry concept is state-of-the-art, the standard of assembly is flawless, and every component was selected meticulously. As nothing else satisfies our requirements, we manufacture our own operation amplifiers, pulse transmitters and signal cables for the PRE G2.
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The MAX always plays with a both fascinating and formidable ease, stunningly elemental, tonal accuracy and with striking macro- and micro-dynamical precision. Imposing performance goes hand in hand with compelling authority, awesome musicality and technical specifications almost no-one on this planet gets close to.