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Raidho Acoustics develops and manufactures loudspeakers for people with a sense for aesthetics. Those who think sound should be fantastic, want their listening experience to be out of the ordinary and expect good-looking equipment with an exceptional design and cool visual expression.

The unique technology of Raidho Acoustics is an extension of the classic technologies that have been at the heart of HiFi loudspeakers for years. But Raidho Acoustics have turned away from the mainstream development of "synthetic sound" or simulated HiFi. They operate with the genuine article.

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C Series

During the time Raidho developed the Raidho C4, they made improvements in the unit, tweeter, crossover and not least they upgraded the wiring inside the speaker cabinet with second-to-none Nordost Odin and Valhalla cables. They have transferred these experiences and improvements into the new updated C-series. All in all improvements that theoretically exceeds the capacity of the ear and brain - but somehow you sense and feel a big difference.

Naturally they think that Raidho C-series sounds fantastic as it is, and the design and finish are still beautiful. It is in the "engine room" we have changed the design of the units, changes that have brought a wider span to the units capability to reproduce the sound. A careful attention to details has resulted in a faster unit adding more details to the sound micro dynamics - the unit simply responds quicker, adding more details to the sounds coming out of the units. Of cause there's more to it than that, but this is the most significant change, and the amazing update that we believe to revolutionize the concept of Hi-fi.
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D Series

When Raidho came up with the idea to test what the properties of a diamond could do to their speakers, they first had to think where and how. They came up with what we call "Cutting Edge Diamond Technology" - and we have tested this technology for some time with stunning results.

Diamond is carbon locked in the tightest possible configuration. Natural Diamond is rare and formed under extreme pressure deep, deep down under the ground. Pure diamond is pure crystalline bonded in an SP3 triangular structure, it is totally glass like transparent, and some say even liked by women. At Raidho, they work with a process where the pressure to form the diamond bonds is formed by speed, where these ceramic membranes are bombarded by carbon ions, travelling at a speed close to the speed of light.While the C-series already set a solid mark for resolution and naturalness, the D-series just takes you that one step closer. They were astonished by the fact that something, you cannot even measure on the finished speaker, could make such a profound difference. It is an entirely new ball game, moving the live sensation of being "there" to a completely new level.
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X Series

Another concept speaker, the Raidho X-Monitor,although it is the smallest of the Raidho speakers,reflects all of the design, construction and performance philosophy of the entire Raidho line.Utilizing the same Raidho planar tweeter and the equally fast Ceramic mid/bass driver found in all the speakers, the soundstage, definition, dynamics, and emotion generated by the X-Baby set a new standard for a compact, stand-mounted monitor. The crossover, alignment of the drivers and the polyurethane foam coupling element of the tweeter combine to yield exceptional phase and time coher-ence together with a grandeur of presentation that belies the compact size of the entry-level Raidho.
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