AudioVision India

The Ultimate AV Showrooms in India - What Hi-fi ? Nov 2011

What HI-Fi? Loyalists might remember that Audio Vision India was the winner of our Top-10 Ultimate Lounges countdown back in 2008 too. They return to the top with a magnificent new showroom that houses six different demo rooms and deserves the top spot, yet again!

Audio Vision India Mumbai

They say that a good sounding hi-fi system is capable of transporting the listener to a different realm altogether. While we couldn't agree more with that adage, stepping into Audio Vision India will start bending the time and space continuum even before the hands-on owner starts giving you a demo. Open only by appointment or invitation, it hides its plush identity behind the unassuming façade of an old south-Mumbai theatre but your perception takes a U-turn the moment you step inside. Spread across two levels, it aims to hold your interest no matter what your shopping budget but you just know this isn't a place for the faint-hearted.

Every room at AVI has an identity of its own and also a purpose. For the audio purist, this is as close to a hi-fi theme park as you'll ever get. Taking a tour from one room to another, you'll be dragging your jaw on the floor looking at the calibre of hi-fi kit on display. But it's not only the kind of equipment that impresses; it's also the immaculate presentation, set-up quality and perhaps the most important factor in a 'make-or-break' decision - the right demonstration material. Compromise is not something that you will encounter in this showroom. From cables to power conditioning to custom-built AV racks to even the isolation blocks under critical hi-fi compoments, every detail has been carefully executed to wring out the last ounce of performance from a pair of modest Bowers & Wilkins 600 series bookshelf speakers all the way to the mighty, evasive Nautilus which are on an almost permanent display in this showroom. Movie buffs have no reason to fret either. Almost every room barring the dedicated Nautilus can be set-up for a complete 5.1, 7.2 or an even crazier multichannel configuration if need be. But undoubtedly, the star of the showroom and indeed this story as well (used as the opening shot) is the grand theatre room that houses the only one of its kind B&W Custom Theatre system in all of Asia! Neatly tucked behind the gigantic screen are stacks of the most exclusive and precise loudspeakers B&W makes and the result is a movie watching experience second to none. If you ever thought of saving up for a dream theatre, this is what it would look like!


  • B&W Magnepan
  • Classe
  • Golden Ear
  • Jeff Rowland 
  • Rotel
  • PS Audio
  • Audio Research


  • B&W Nautilus speakers
  • Classe CT5300 power amplifier
  • Classe M400 monoblock amplifier
  • Classe SSP-800 processor
  • Classe CP-800 DAC/preamplifier
  •  Jeff Rowland Aeris DAC/preamplifier
  • PS Audio P10 power regenerator
  • B&W XT-8 floorstanding speakers
  • B&W Zeppelin Air iPod dock
  • Rotel RSX-1560 AV receiver
  • Oppo NuForce Edition BDP-93NX
    Blu-ray player
  • B&W Zeppelin Mini iPod dock
  • B&W PV-1 subwoofer
  • B&W XTC centre
  • B&W VM-6 on-wall speakers
  • B&W CCM-7.3 in-ceiling speakers
  • Panasonic 42in plasma television
  • Golder Ear Triton Two speakers
  • Golden Ear ForceField 3 and
    ForceField 4 subwoofers
  • Golden Ear 50C centre
  • Jeff Rowland 102 power amplifier
  • Jeff Rowland Capri preamplifier
  •  Rotel RCD-06SE CD player
  • Audio Research 200i amplifier
  • PS Audio Perfect Wave CD transport
  • PS Audio PWD D/A converter
  • PS Audio P5 power plant
  • B&W CT-8 LRX2 in-wall speakers
  • B&W CT-8CC in-wall centre
  • B&W CT-SW8 in-wall subwoofer
  • B&W CT-7.3 LRX in-wall speakers
  • B&W CT-SW15 in-wall subwoofer
  • B&W CT-M600 power amplifier
  • B&W CT-5300 power amplifier
  • B&W CT-2300 power amplifier
  • B&W SA1000 subwoofer amplifier
  • B&W CT crossover
  • Classe SSP-800 processor
  • Panasonic DMP-BD60 Blu-ray player
  • Panasonic PT-AE4000 projector
  • PS Audio P10 power regenerator