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Classe unveils pre-amp of the future

The Classe CP-800 is the first of a new generation of stereo preamplifiers. Designed for today's digital and analogue sources, the CP-800 offers a new digital processing features including optimal asynchronous USB and full support of Apple's iPod, iPhone and iPad ranges.

The Classe CP-800 is the pre-amplifier of the future. It is designed to meet the demands of the discerning audiophile who wishes to achieve the best possible audio experience from a variety of high-quality sources. The CP-800 features both digital and analogue connections, audio processing and a completely new power supply design.

In addition to accomodating legacy analogue and digital sources, the CP-800 optimizes playback from computer audio files and Apple portable devices such as iPods. These devices can store all the data of the original recording, so have the potential to be audiophile sources. The challenge is to clock that data into the D-to-A converters at precisely the right time, which the CP-800 achieves through a newly-developed recovery and clocking technology. The resulting audio experience when using full resolution files and one of its Usb inputs, allows the CP-800 to surpass the performance of conventional disc playback systems.

A new power supply design optimizes the electrical environment for the audio circuitry inside the CP-800 and benefits associated equipment sharing the same AC power. PFC (Power Factor Correction) technology ensures the most efficient operation of the power supply whilst maintaing a constand load on the AC mains. The benefit is that the preamp/processor does not modulate the AC mains as a conventional linear power supply would. Other system components won't even know the CP-800 is there.

In addition to superb audio performance as a digital-to-analogue converter and stereo preamplifier, the CP-800 includes features such as bass management and parametric EQ that have until now been lacking in stereo preamps. A subwoofer output and two auxiliary channels can be configured to bi-amp the L&R channels, feed audio into another room or drive a second subwoofer.

An updated 16x9 touchscreen and graphical user interface give the CP-800 a fresh new look to match its advanced feature set. With both USB host and device connections and a userful range of output configuration options, the CP-800 looks and works like the preamp of the future.
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