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Chris Martens of HIFI+ is blown away over TRITON ONES

Chris Martens was absolutely blown away with the Triton Ones, which is certainly not unusual as everyone seems to be (and most importantly the consumers who are putting their money down in droves). But beyond being blown away, he was genuinely excited. He began by unequivocally stating that the Ones … "…are just jaw-droppingly good (and that's putting it mildly"

I like his ode-like rave, it, "is a no excuses, no apologies, pull-out-all-the -stops, dead serious high-end loudspeaker that, even at this early stage, has shown a dazzling array of sonic characteristics likely to please (if not stun) even the most finicky and jaded of audiophiles."

Whew, it doesn't get much better than that! And he goes on,"Full-range frequency response? Check. Big-boy dynamics on demand? Check. Subtlety and nuance by the barrel full? Check. Killer imaging and soundstaging? Check. Pace, Rhythm and Timing? But of course. Ease of set-up and placement? You betcha."

And he looks into the future,"Given how good the Triton One already is, I expect its continued sonic evolution during run-in will be quite the wild ride".

All in all, he concludes,"I think GoldenEar's Triton One is destined to earn a well-deserved reputation as one of the greatest high-end audio bargains of all time".

And we couldn't agree more. Yes, get set for … "quite the wild ride!" The Triton One clearly has that very special, "gotta have it" characteristic that makes a product a super-hit on the sales floors and in the marketplace, more than just a reviewers' darling.