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Yet Another Beyond Outstanding Triton 7 Mega Review In Tone Audio Magazine

As we all know, the Triton Seven is truly an amazing loudspeaker, as its fantastic reviews and quick move to best selling status certainly attest. And the Triton Seven has just received another amazing review, this time from Marc Marcantonio in Tone Audio Magazine's latest Issue (#64). Reading his review, you will see that Marc is a very astute listener, as well as an excellent writer.

Marc starts off with a bang, so to speak, "The shock of thunderous bass waves is what the GoldenEar Triton Seven speakers greet me with to start a surprising review experience."

And he continues,"If imaging floats your boat, the Sevens flood the room with that characteristic ... with instrument placement that reminds me of much more expensive speakers."

In setting them up, Marc found that,"Optimizing the Sevens takes very little effort ... these speakers are truly amplifier friendly."

He discovers quickly that they can reveal new details in the music that one has never heard before, saying, "... there is a background chorus humming that I've never heard..."

Sandy Gross loved this description, "The Seven's most stunning musical performance .... The soundstage presented is a three-dimensional revelation-an audiophile nirvana experience, where the listener gets totally lost in the music. Every instrument has a place but at the same time comes from everywhere; it's stereo reproduction at its best."

And, of course," For head bangers on a budget or limited in real estate, the Sevens will toss your hair with abandon."