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Anouncing The Exciting New B&W Panorama 2

We are pleased to announce that Bowers & Wilkins has launched an exciting new product, the Panorama 2.

Panorama 2 dramatically improves upon Panorama's already class-leading audio performance, as well as adding new features and enhanced connectivity.

New drive units:

Panorama 2 features completely new drive units resulting in improved acoustic performance. The new low frequency units have improved linearity for greater dynamic performance and lower resonance for deeper extension. The midrange drive units have wider dispersion characteristics than on the previous model, which helps to improve the virtual surround performance. The tweeter has been improved for smoother integration with the midrange.

The overall result is significantly improved acoustics on a product that already set the standard for audio performance in the soundbar market.

HDMI connectivity:

Foremost among the new features is the introduction of HDMI connectivity. Panorama 2 features three HDMI inputs and a single HDMI output. Many early HDMI products suffered from compatibility issues, however the current HDMI specification and chipsets have significantly improved this, allowing B&W to introduce it into Panorama 2 with confidence. The inclusion of HDMI connectivity also allows for the inclusion of additional features. These include Audio Return Channel (ARC) Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) and On Screen Display (OSD).

New UI and proximity sensitive control interface:

Panorama 2 is instantly recognisable as Panorama, and in terms of design and dimensions it is almost identical. That is apart from one new innovation: a proximity-sensitive display. When in use the display is completely black, but when the user's hand gets close it illuminates, allowing the user to access and control Panorama 2's menu system directly from the front of the product. When the display has not been used for a short while the display slowly fades to black.

Panorama 2 also has a more intuitive OSD, which aims to provide all the information in a clear manner. Whatever is displayed on the screen is how the Panorama is set (no need to save the settings). The aim has to be to develop an OSD that can be used straight out of the box without having to read the manual.