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With a 65% market share, dnp denmark is the world's leading supplier of optical projection screens for high-quality display solutions. The dnp product portfolio includes a wide range of optical screens for front projection and rear projection applications. Many of the world's leading brands depend on dnp for their screen solutions.

The dnp optical screen portfolio includes an extensive range of optical projection screens for both front and rear projection screen applications for all environments including home cinema / home theatre, meeting rooms / conference rooms, control rooms.

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Supernova Blade

The dnp Supernova Blade is an elegant, frameless front projection screen that is ideal for use in meeting rooms and residential applications. Even in brightly lit environments, the Supernova Blade performs superbly, providing a great viewing experience. Only 3mm thick and available in sizes 100", 110" and 120" in 16: 9, it meets modern customers' demand for flatter, wider screens which maximise image size while reducing the space requirement of the overall installation.

This screen provides the customer with tv-like sharpness at 100"+ at a quarter of the tv-like cost. You can now watch your favourite movie or TV show on your screen with your lights on - just like you do with a normal television.
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