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Over 35 years have passed since Jim Winey started experimenting with electrostatic technology. In the late 1960's, he invented the Magneplanar, a thin-film magnetic equivalent to the electrostatic and started the company Magnepan; which manufactures top quality home speaker products. Jim Winey still designs each and every product that Magnepan makes, although they are at the forefront of electromagnetic loudspeaker technology.

Magnepan's reference speaker is the MG 20.7 which is regarded by some as one of the most accurate sounding speakers in the world. Particularly noted is the ribbon tweeter of the 20.7 and the 3.7, said to be unsurpassed in high treble quality. It is ability to fill almost any size room and non-box design sets it apart from the competition. Paired with the correct electronics and cables, the Magneplanar 20.7 system is capable of rendering an almost true-life experience.

Over 200,000 pairs of Magnepan speakers have found their way into homes around the world and many more are on their way. To explore the full range of products offered by Magnepan, please visit the link below.

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