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Sound & Vision's Brent Butterworth Raves About GoldenEar Technology's Triton Three

Brent Butterworth is clearly one of the industry's most well respected reviewers. He is known for not pulling any punches and for speaking his mind. Thus, Sandy Gross was absolutely thrilled when he read his review of the new GoldenEar Triton Three in the just-released April issue of Sound & Vision Magazine.

In this case he reviewed a pair in two channel mode. He started out by paying GoldenEar Technology a great compliment when he wrote, "GoldenEar may have had the fastest rise to the top of any speaker manufacturer". He was clearly very impressed with our design and wrote, " you know what a fascinating and complex engineering exercise the GoldenEar Triton Three is".

As you know, imaging and soundstaging are of paramount importance to GoldenEar Technology, and they simply blew Brent away. He started by writing, "I noticed that all the instruments in the lush production were reproduced with unusual specificity sounded as perfectly placed as they would if I had gone into the studio, pushed engineer Elliot Scheiner out of his chair at the mixing board, and done all the panning of each instrument myself".

Wow! And then, going even farther, he wrote,

" the synthesizer washes wrapped around and behind me I heard sound effects of racing cars coming from the sides of the room several feet behind me, even though only the pair of Triton Threes was playing".

And Bass? On the cover of the magazine is the rave: "Serious bass at an awesome price!" This was further lauded as " beautifully blended and flawlessly tuneful".

He summed it all up with saying, " it's one of the best tower speakers I've reviewed at any price the sound quality of a real high-end speaker for under $ 2000 a pair".

And then came the final buy me statement,

"I strongly recommend the fact that it sounds this good at just below $2000 a pair makes it a truly outstanding buy".

Sound & Vision Triton Three Review

Clearly, the one, two punch of the Triton Two plus Triton Three is an incredibly synergistic combo where 1+1=3 !"