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CNET Raves,"GoldenEar Technology Reinvents the Bookshelf Speaker"

This is what Sandy Gross has to say about the latest Aon 3 Review:

"Well, after our initial triumphs, where could we go next? It's onward and upward, as we say! Here is the first official review of the Aon 3, and it is a great one. It is on CNET (available online here: Aon 3 Review on CNET) and is written by Steve Guttenberg, for his Audiophiliac column.

I think that the headline, "GoldenEar Technology Reinvents the Bookshelf Speaker" sums it up pretty well. Steve absolutely loved them, and I absolutely loved his statement,"It combines audiophile refinement with a gutsy, powerful sound" and saying,"they're just 14 inches tall but sound like towers" reinforces the fact the Aons can rock! He compared them with a reference bookshelf of his, the Dynaudio Contour 1.1, which sold for $1700 a pair several years ago. How did the Aons stack up?

"It was immediately clear that the Aon 3 was superior in every wayI was taken aback by how much better the Aon 3 was".

What can I say? I, and presumably you as well, have had the opportunity to compare the Aon 3 with some dramatically more expensive bookshelf speakers and I think that we have all had an experience similar to Steve's."