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NuForce DAC-9 Press Release

"NuForce DAC-9 is NuForce's definitive digital-to-analog conversion hub, with a purist design that includes bypassable volume control, 6 digital inputs and both RCA/XLR outputs. Thanks to the defeatable volume control, the DAC-9 can be used without a preamp as a purely digital device. When switched to Fixed Output, the volume control circuit steps aside in order to provide a simpler, cleaner signal path."

"An innovative output filter and minimalist analog output stage that requires no negative feedback permit the DAC-9 to preserve phase coherency and musical subtleties while simultaneously maintaining an excellent transient capability. The absence in the signal path of an oversampling filter and sample-rate conversion circuit further contribute to the DAC9's excellent performance characteristics. In addition, a toroidal transformer with multiple stages of voltage regulation provides tight, low-impedance power."
"For added convenience, the DAC9 includes a high-performance headphone output with independent volume control."