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Home Theater - Dennis Burger Goes Crazy Bonkers Over The Triton Sevens

GoldenEar Technology has certainly been getting some incredible rave reviews on their little Triton Seven. We all knew that the Seven would stir the pot, but WOW! Now Dennis Burger, in, has had them home and has taken his best shot at praising them to the sky (and he has certainly done them proudly)!

To begin with, he mentions that at last year's CES there were two speakers that, "... moved me in a way that a truly world class speaker should, the Wisdom Audio LS4, and the GoldenEar Triton Seven."

And, as he says,"The point of this all is that, if I can't help but compare a $700 speaker to a $40,000 one, I think it is safe to say that GoldenEar Technology founder and president Sandy Gross has attained his stated goal of bringing high-end performance down to prices that virtually any music lover can afford."

Yes, that is and has been Sandy's goal for 40 years. It's nice to see that everyone feels that GoldenEar is achieving it in a way that truly boggles the mind (and perhaps frustrates GoldenEar's competitors). Dennis then goes into an excellent description and evaluation. Many people focus on GoldenEar's extraordinary HVFR tweeter as the magic ingredient, but as Dennis points out,

"However to focus purely on the folded tweeter would be to overlook so much of what makes this a truly incredible sounding speaker from top to bottom."