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Sound & Vision's rave review of the GoldenEar Technology's Triton Seven

We have never seen a magazine so excited by a product that they review it twice! Well, actually Sound & Vision's rave review of the Triton Seven in September was on just the stereo pair, while this one in the November issue is on the complete surround system, with the new SuperCenter X, ForceField 5 and a pair of Invisa 650s for surround duty. Clearly, Darryl Wilkinson was just as impressed as Mike Mettler.

Mike, as you may recall, said that the Triton Seven was, "a real reference speaker" Which are now his reference speakers; and Darryl, likewise, says that they are, "a serious, reference-quality set of speakers for music as well as home theater".

After hearing the Sevens at CES, Darryl was so excited to get them, he says, "I started cutting the packing tape on the Triton Sevens' boxes before the FedEx delivery truck had made it out of my driveway".

And he wasn't disappointed! Darryl raves that with music,"They sound natural with an openness that revealed rich layers of detail within the gravelly yin and yang of Lyle Lovett's and K.D. Lang's voices" and with movies, "I was captivated from the opening dialogue...thanks to the room-moving low-frequency extension of the ForceField 5 combined with the seamless interplay of the Triton Sevens, the SCX and the Invisa 650s, the sensation of a powerful-viscerally evil-force ramming its way up was frighteningly palpable."

As we all know, GoldenEar speakers meld together in a wonderfully seamless system, or as Darryl writes, "Of course, one of the hallmarks of a great system is the ability to smoothly transition sounds around the room, such as how the GoldenEar Sevens and companions performed...".

Darryl awards both the Triton Seven and the ForceField 5 their highly coveted Top Pick honors with almost all 5 star ratings on their every aspect. I love his statement saying,"The ForceField 5 was frighteningly good at hammering out extremely low frequencies" and, "in addition to all its power, the ForceField 5 was also controlled and snappy".

In summary Darryl says that,"For music, the Triton Sevens provide rock-solid high-end performance" and finally "The Triton Seven System is absolutely magical".

And in terms of minuses, Darryl had to dig hard to come up with one, "You'll need to find a new home for your current speakers".